Tangram CRM
Tangram CRM Brief
Tangram CRM is a customer relation automated system tailored for the travel industry. It Collects, manages, Analyzes and links all your groups, customers and deals information.
Through Tangram CRM , Travel Agencies will be able to maintain their bonds with the customers thus enhancing the customer value, increasing the retention rate and building long term loyal customers. This can be achieved through high quality call centers integrated in the system, automated emails, feedback surveys and much more efficient follow ups.
Tangram CRM Features
  • - Leads Capturing
  • - Leads Validation
  • - Leads Distribution
  • - Deals & contacts management
  • - Email campaigns
  • - Itinerary builder
  • - Online payment integration
  • - Invoices management
  • - Docs management
  • - Deals logs
  • - Dashboard and Dynamic reports